Presenter Resources

Remote Format:

For 2021, SPARC is again held remotely (hence 2021 ReSPARC), and presenters will be asked to upload their presentations along with audio recordings to explain their research.

To be included in 2021 ReSPARC, you need to upload your completed presentation no later than Sunday, April 18, 11:59 pm.

Oral Presentations: 

  • For oral presentations, please record a research presentation between 15 and 16 minutes in duration (e.g., you can use the Record Slide Show function in MS PowerPoint) 
  • To ensure wide accessibility you will be asked to submit your presentation as a MP4 file (e.g., in MS PowerPoint you can Export your recorded slide show as a MP4 file)
    • Your presence beyond the voice is not required, but you are welcomed to do so if you are willing and have the ability.

Poster Presentations: 

  • Please upload the PDF version of your poster (the full-size file that you would have submitted for printing) along with an audio recording, between 3 and 4 minutes in duration, briefly explaining your research (MP3 format preferred for maximum accessibility).
    • The audio recording would be the oral presentation you would have given to people who walk up to your poster at a conference. You can use the Record Slide Show function in MS PowerPoint and submit a MP4 video IF all of the information on your poster remains legible on a 10-inch screen (try printing the entire poster on a letter-size paper to see).
    • There are a number of alternative techniques (within MS PowerPoint or with other softwares) that will allow you to zoom in over specific regions of the poster to give a clearer and closer view of the information. However, you are welcomed to submit a PDF file of your poster and a separate MP3 file of your oral summary; we will happily create a video of your poster using the files submitted.

Note that there are many other tools (e.g., softwares, apps, web tools) when creating a research presentation, and MS PowerPoint is just one of the many tools you can use. We will gladly accept presentations created using other tools. However, to ensure wide accessibility, we ask that your final products be in the file formats specified in the guidelines above.