Minor in Psychology

A minor in Psychology consists of 18 units (6 courses) of PSYC and/or STAT.

  • At least 12 of the 18 units MUST BE UPPER-DIVISION courses (courses numbered greater than 100 at SJSU).

  • A maximum of 6 units (2 courses) MAY BE LOWER-DIVISION courses (courses numbered less than 100 at SJSU or any community college course) 
    • Lower-division courses may consist of:
      • PSYC 001 Introduction to Psychology
      • STAT 095 Elementary Statistics
      • Advisor-approved lower division Psyc or Stat course from an accredited institution (community college or another 4 year university)

  • At least 12 units MUST BE SEPARATE AND DISTINCT from the units used for the major program of the student.

IMPORTANT: Students majoring in Psychology are NOT ELIGIBLE to add the “Minor in Psychology” to their academic program.

The minor form below can help you keep track of the courses used to fulfill the minor in Psychology:

Psychology Minor form (fillable) [pdf]

Adding the Psychology minor is done by the Psychology major advisors. If you are interested in adding the Minor in Psychology, please go to the Psychology Advising homepage to see advisors’ availability & how to get advising (in-person, online via Zoom, or via email).