Honors in Psychology

To earn Departmental Honors in Psychology:

  1. Complete additional coursework beyond requirements for BA in Psychology:
    1. BOTH PSYC 117 (Psychological Tests & Measures) AND STAT 115 (Intermediate Statistics)
    2. One section of an Advanced Research Methods course in a specific area of Psychology: PSYC 121A, PSYC 121B, PSYC 121C, or PSYC 121E

  2. Provide evidence of distinguished scholarly work through ONE of the following:
    1. Completion of a BA thesis (PSYC 199)
    2. Honors seminar (PSYC 195)
    3. Work leading to a published paper or presentation at a professional regional (e.g., Western Psychological Association), National, or International conference

  3. Have a minimum GPA of 3.5 across all psychology coursework


IMPORTANT: To apply for departmental “Honors in Psychology”, complete, sign, and submit this form to the Psychology Department office (DMH 157) in the same semester in which you expect to graduate.

Honors in Psychology Fall 2019 and later BA [pdf]

If you have additional questions, go to the Psychology Advising homepage for advisors’ availability & how to get advising (in-person, online via Zoom, or via email).