Core (1+2):

PHYS161 Fundamentals of Quantum Information


pick 2 of the following

PHYS 253 Quantum Many-Body Physics
EE 274 Quantum Computing Architectures
PHYS 250 Quantum Programming

Graduate Writing Requirement (pick 1):

PHYS 200W Research & Communication in Physics
EE 295 Technical Writing - Engineering Ethics
PHYS 220E Graduate Optics Lab

Electives (pick 4):

EE225 Introduction to Quantum Computing
EE226 Cryogenic Nanoelectronics
EE250 Probabilities, Random Variables, and Stochastic Processes
PHYS 240 Computational Physics 
PHYS 163 Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 263A Quantum Theory
PHYS 275 Solid State Physics
PHYS 208 Introduction to Electro-Optics 
PHYS 268 Laser Spectroscopy 
And more ...

Culminating Experience (either Physics or EE):

Physics: PHYS 297 and PHYS 298 (Project) or PHYS 297 and PHYS 299 (Thesis) 
EE: EE 297A & 297B (Project) or EE 299A & 299B (Thesis)