Learning Outcomes


Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs):

PLO 1: Demonstrate deep knowledge of basic concepts in quantum theory required for quantum information science by applying them to research and coursework in quantum technologies.

PLO 2: Formulate research questions related to quantum technologies and design experiments, computational algorithms, and/or analytic models to address those questions.

PLO 3: Demonstrate knowledge of the applications of quantum technology to solve problems in computing, sensing, and communication.  

PLO 4: Communicate scientific content and thinking effectively as evidenced by productive collaboration with peers, well-reasoned professionally formatted written research papers and visual and oral presentations. 

PLO 5: Communicate  the impact of quantum technological solutions in a global, economic, environmental, societal, and ethical context, including political, health, safety, manufacturability, and sustainability.

PLO 6: Articulate the interdisciplinary nature of quantum technology, including the importance of diverse skill sets in the successful commercialization of quantum technology.


Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):

SLO 1: Identify key differences between classical and quantum systems and how those differences affect the operation of quantum technologies. 

SLO 2: Apply the fundamental principles of quantum theory to formulate and solve technical problems related to quantum technology.

SLO 3: Demonstrate proficiency with the mathematics behind modeling and describing the behavior of quantum systems as well as quantum algorithms, such as Dirac notation and quantum circuit notation.

SLO 4: Identify several different physical platforms used in quantum communication, sensing, and computing technologies and enumerate their pros and cons.

SLO 5: Demonstrate proficiency with numerical software to simulate quantum systems and/or implement quantum algorithms for example by using Python, the IBM Qiskit language for quantum computing, or Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) tools for simulating quantum devices. 

SLO 6: Communicate the impact of quantum technologies as a possible solution to emerging societal problems and demonstrate awareness of the ethical, economical, and social implications of their implementation. 

SLO 7: Summarize results of research and/or literature review in oral presentations and written formats to both technical and non-technical audiences from diverse backgrounds.