Internship Opportunities

We use a number of resources, such as the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C) website and the Quantum Computing Report, to provide you here with a curated list of current and relevant internship positions at local or global companies/institutions. The QED-C, established as part of the National Quantum Initiative Act, lists hundreds of open industry positions in quantum software and hardware, many at the Bachelor’s and Master's level.

Other resources can be found by visiting the SJSU Career Center, Department of Physics and Astronomy's Life After College and LinkedIn pages. Feel free to contact Dr. Ehsan Khatami <> with information about other resources or opportunities that can be included in this page.

Unless specified otherwise, the following opportunities typically have an open application period and open start dates and ask that you specify your availability during some period of time. We try our best to update the list weekly.


  • Company: QCWARE (Palo Alto, CA)
    Quantum Algorithms Intern
    They prefer people who are pursuing PhDs, but that does not seem to be a requirement.
    Topics: Implementing or modifying quantum algorithms in Forge, QC Ware’s software
    In-Person: Optional

  • Company: SandboxAQ (San Francisco Bay Area)
    Several positions (they are technically called PhD residencies, however, they consider Masters level too):

    Applications of Foundation Models
    Topics: AI + Quantum (need to be familiar with AI/ML tools, proficient in a programming language ...)
    In-Person: No

    Hardware Prototyping Engineer
    Topics: Assemble prototype hardware, measurement, designing parts, coding, etc.
    In-Person: Yes

    Post-Quantum Cryptography Research Scientist
    Topics: Research, design, implement, and validate innovative cryptographic protocols (Need to have background and deep understanding of post-quantum cryptography)
    In-Person: No

  • Company: NTT Research (Sunnyvale, CA)
    Topics: Diverse, ranging from AI to chips to quantum communication
    In-Person: Yes(?)

  • Institution: UC Berkeley
    Career Event-Internship
    Topics: ? Quantum, human-machine collaboration, etc.
    In-Person: No


Elsewhere in the country



  • Company: Quantinuum (London, Cambridge, or Oxford, England)
    Topics: General quantum computing research and development
    In-Person: Yes and hybrid(?)

  • Company: Google
    Internships in Switzerland or Israel
    Topic: open-ended and exploratory (Googly Quantum stuff)
    Preferences: Other than the usual stuff (research and programming experience etc.), currently enrolled in a degree program in  Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)!
    In-Person: Yes
    Application Deadline: December 29, 2023

  • Company: Quandela (suburbs of Paris, France)
    Topics: Optical spectroscopy of quantum dots, characterization of sources, quantitative analysis of metrics, etc.
    In-Person: Yes
    Start Date: Any time after August 2023

  • Company: IBM (BlueCamp, Madrid, Spain)
    IBM Technology Internship
    Topics: IBMy stuff (Cloud, IoT, Analytics, Quantum computing, Cybersecurity, Storage)
    In-Person: Yes

  • Company: TNO (Quantum Technology department, The Hague, Netherlands)
    Quantum Algorithms Internship
    Topics: Developing, simulating, and validating distributed quantum computing algorithms
    Preferences: Masters student in the last phase of their study
    In-Person: Yes

    Master Thesis Intern at TNO Applied Crypto and Quantum Algorithms
    Topics: Quantum networks and security
    In-Person: Yes

  • Company: Orange Quantum Systems (Delft, Netherlands)
    Quantum Engineer
    Have to be EU Citizen or be able to work legally in Netherlends.
    Topics: Product development; interface between experimental physics and software engineering
    In-Person: Yes

  • Company: BEIT (Krakow, Poland)
    Application process is unclear.
    Topics: Quantum algorithm development(?)
    In-Person: ?

  • Company: IQM (Germany, France, and Spain)
    Topics: Developing the hardware and software of a quantum computer based on superconducting circuits
    In-Person: ?Yes