Community Resources

Criminal Record Clearing in a Nutshell Presentation [pdf]

  • This presentation covers information regarding California expungement law and procedure and the employment rights of people with convictions. 
  • Click here [pdf] to access the games featured in the presentation, and click here [pdf] for the answers to the presentation games.

California Tiered Sex Offender Registration [pdf]

  • Covers general information and frequently asked questions on a new law that transitions California’s lifetime sex offender registration to a tier-based system. Provided by California Department of Justice California Justice Information Services. 

Know Your Rights as a Jobseeker Under the 'Ban the Box' Law [pdf]

  • Information on the California Fair Chance Act which ensures that employers fairly consider job applicants with a record by delaying when an employer can ask about an applicant’s conviction history or run a background check. Provided by the National Employment Law Project and others.

How to read a California History Report (RAP Sheet) [pdf]

  • Information on identifying arrests, convictions, probation violations or modifications, and more.

Voting with a Criminal Record in California [pdf]

  • Answers frequently asked questions on voting with a criminal record and information on California propositions on the 2024 ballot. 

Summary of Record Clearance Laws- California Convictions [pdf]

  • General infomation on record clearance laws in Califonia.

Information for the Community (Expungement FAQ) [pdf]

  • Answers frequently asked questions on expungement eligibility, including those relating to court debt, immigration status, and prison sentences.