Speed Screening

See our Speed Screening flyer [pdf]

RCP sets up individual interviews called a “Speed Screening” for people who have their RAP sheets.  These Speed Screening interviews tell people what is on their RAP sheet and what their legal rights are to clearing it.  The RCP has conducted over 2100 individual legal advice interviews since 2011.

When a conviction must be dismissed or a felony must be reduced, RCP commonly fills out the appropriate forms for clients, kick-starting clients’ paths to clearing their record.  (If a court hearing is needed for the dismissal of convictions, the preparation required is beyond the scope of Speed Screening interviews.)

If you would like to set up an interview to have your RAP sheet reviewed at an upcoming Speed Screening, please email expunge@sjsu.edu for more information.

At present, all Speed Screening interviews are by phone or video.