Academic Programs

The Science Education Program coordinates the College of Science programs for the preparation and enhancement of K-12 science teachers at the undergraduate and graduate level. The minor in Science Education is designed to provide an introduction to science education as a complement to any BS or BA degree in the College of Science. The single-subject credential in science is a post-baccalaureate program for pre-service middle and high school science teachers and is overseen jointly by the Science Education Program and the College of Education. The MS Science Education is especially designed for secondary science teachers and others involved in science education who wish to broaden their background in sciences, as well as increase academic proficiency and professional competence in areas within science education. For more information about the Science Education Programs, please click on the links below.

MS Science Education

Information and links for the MS Science Education.

Single-Subject Credential - Specialization in Science Teaching

Information and links for the Single-Subject Credential in Science.

Joint MS Science Education/Single-Subject Credential Program

Information and links for the Joint MS Science Education/Single-Subject Credential Programs.

MS Science Education vs. MA Teaching (MAT) Program

Examining the Difference Between the MS Science Education and the MA Teaching Program.

Minor in Science Education

Information about the minor in Science Education.

Science Credential Authorization

Information and links for the Science Credential Authorization.

Course Descriptions and Syllabi

Science Education course descriptions and syllabi.