We select students for the SCILL program out of MA, MS, MBT graduate applicants from the Biology Department at SJSU and other related majors.


Priority will be given to students:

  • That have completed a 4-year bachelor’s degree with classes in molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, or related discipline
  • A science GPA of above 3.0
  • TOEFL of 100, IELTS of 7.5 or Duolingo of 120 are all competitive scores

Additionally, lower scores can be compensated for with other application documents such as grades, letters, coursework, etc. 

International students are welcome to apply if they secured an F1 VISA or authorization to work in the US or accept a scholarship.

Applicants with borderline prerequisites should contact SCILL Program Coordinator to further verify their qualification to apply to SCILL.