Why Our Students Love SCILL


SJSU's CIRM Bridges is a unique training program for the next generation of Stem Cell Scientists. This program invests in their students' career by giving them the opportunities to get hands-on experiences and learn directly from the experts in their fields. For me, the best part of the program was seeing my professional skills develop over time, not only in laboratory research, but also in clinical research, patient care, and science communication. I am forever grateful to CIRM and SJSU for giving me the opportunity to enter the field of Stem Cell Research and Translational Medicine.

Sushmita Sen, MBT/SCILL Program 2020-2022

The stem cell industry is a cutting edge field with few accessible education programs. This program is unique in its dynamic approach to both in class, and internship hands-on learning. Having the opportunity to earn a stipend while conducting research at one of the world's top research universities is a rare privilege. My cohort was incredibly supportive. We created a community to help each other through the growing pains of graduate school and a worldwide pandemic. I am truly grateful for the opportunities this program has provided me in landing a role as a research scientist at an exciting start up in Orange county. Although this was one of the most challenging endeavors in my life, it has also been the most rewarding. 
I highly recommend any student with a passion to help patients through stem cell science apply to this program! Whether your long term goals are a PhD, MD, or industry, this program is an absolute game changer for anyone interested in entering into professional academia, healthcare, or biotech roles.

Suzan Stavitsky, MS/SCILL Program 2020-2022

SCILL alumnus Robert Kam

In one semester of SCILL, I feel that I have transitioned from a computer scientist to a functioning biologist. Its been a pleasure to work with the good people in SCILL

Robert Kam, MA/SCILL Program 2018-2020


My experience in the SCILL program has undoubtedly increased my interest to work in the stem cell field/industry. From the lab work, guest seminars, site visits, and patient advocacy groups; it has truly been a full circle experience.

Joan Ndungu, MBT/SCILL Program 2017-2019

As a part of the SCILL program, I was exposed to not only molecular and basic science techniques, but a unique combination of multidisciplinary experiences. This included courses that reinforced my public speaking skills, scientific ability, and expertise in clinical trials, as well as an internship that exposed me to business in biotechnology, engineering, computer science and the pharmaceutical industry. Because of the SCILL program, I am now enthusiastically pursuing a career in nanotechnology and medicine knowing that I am well-equipped and confident in my abilities.

Bryan Duoto, MS/SCILL program 2016-2018