About Us

Two students at a table working on a project.
An SJSU student assists an elementary school aged child in building a robotic car as a part of a STEM classroom project.

Empowering the World through STEM

The Jay Pinson STEM Education program supports and develops programming that strengthens the regional workforce through innovative opportunities in STEM Education. This critical work is done in collaboration with SJSU's Colleges of Science, Education, Engineering, and Social Sciences and through community partnerships.

Our Vision

To serve as a national model of a University and Community partnership that strengthens the regional workforce through innovative and comprehensive opportunities in STEM Education.


The Jay Pinson STEM Education program is a collaborative and interdisciplinary effort involving University, K-12 education, and community partners dedicated to increasing the capacity of teachers to deliver effective instruction in STEM fields. We aim to inspire and mentor youth to enter and excel in the STEM career pipeline, support STEM students and professionals to mentor others in the pursuit of STEM education, and promote the public understanding of STEM.

Letter from the Director

Read this inspiring letter from the Director of the Center for STEM Education, Virginia Lehmkuhl-Dakhwe, PhD.  In it, she discusses her history with STEM and her vision for the program's future.