Research Stories

Dr. Walter Adams

Biology - Bacteria and our Immune System

Dr. Walter Adams's research focuses on the interplay between pathogenic bacteria and the host immune response. By understanding what bacterial and human factors lead to progression or resolution of disease, his research aims to develop novel treatments for patients in a clinical setting.

Student computing

Computer Science - Cybersecurity

Dr. Thomas Austin investigates the blockchain/ cryptocurrency space.

American Pika

Biology - Molecular Ecology

Dr. Jessica Castillo Vardaro's research combines field biology and molecular genetics to address questions in evolution, ecology, and wildlife conservation biology. Her research improves wildlife conservation outcomes while empowering students towards self-actualization as scientists.

Dr. Alexandra Chakarov

Computer Science - Education

Dr. Alexandra Chakarov's research focuses on educating youth in computer science. She incorporates critical, place-based pedagogies into computer science instruction through the creation of personally relevant artifacts that can affect change for learners.

Students at MLML

Biology - Marine Biodiversity

Dr. Maya deVries’ research explores the fundamental relationship between feeding morphology and feeding ecology and how it shapes the trophic ecology of an ecosystem. Also, how environmental change alters these relationships.

Students in chemistry lab

Chemistry - Nuclear Science

Dr. Nicholas Esker's research investigates the production and behavior of nuclei at the edges of stability, particularly via recoil mass spectrometry. His research includes establishing a target production and characterization lab at SJSU, to support collaborations with separators and accelerators around the world.

Dr. Egbe-Etu Etu

Data Science - Healthcare

Dr. Egbe-Etu Etu's research interest centers on the development of use-inspired machine learning models to solve challenging business problems in healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation. The main goal is to develop decision-support tools that will help business professionals do their best work, improve resilience and overall system performance while minimizing errors.

Dr. Philip Heller

Bioinformatics - Ocean Research

Dr. Philip Heller tells a story about his research where he makes some major discoveries that answer some of the questions about our oceans. The major takeaway is that his research has effects on global warming and reducing excess carbon in our atmosphere.

Dr. Jennifer Johnston

Biology - Genome Editing

Dr. Jennifer Johnston's research consists of a team of gene therapists with the ambition of finding a cure for blood disorders. The goal is to incorporate missing transgenes into specific locations in the genome of hematopoietic stem cells with the hopes of changing the prognosis of numerous individuals across the globe. 

Dr. Madalyn Radlauer

Chemistry - Polymerization Catalysis

Dr. Madalyn Radlauer's research explores catalysis within polymers to mimic the macromolecular environment of an enzyme with an organic polymer to achieve effective catalysis. Also, tandem catalysis between big molecules, specifically structured polymers, to isolate incompatible catalytic species and allow them to work in tandem.