2014 Winners

Best Overall Innovation

1st Prize:  Saryan College Scheduling Application
Team Members:  Sargon Jacob, Bryan Miller

2nd Prize:  Wearable Flexible LED Display
Team Members:  Vignesh Ramachandran, Travis Johnson, Aaron Romero, Prabtiek Pathak

 3rd Prize:  Sense Yo Steps: Biofeedback Orthotic Insoles for Corrective Treatment of Gait and Posture
Team Members:  Ronny Elor, Amanda Padilla, Bo-Hsen Hsu, Aurarae Tran

Best Social Innovation

1st Prize:  FarmersAreHere: A Farmers Market Mobile Application
Team Members:  Felipe Mendoza, Emy Itegbe, Viswajith Kalavapudi

Best Elevator Pitch

1st Prize:  MarketFusion:  Your Solution, Your Way
Team Members:  Vanessa Rodriguez

2014 Finalists (Alphabetical Order)

  1. 3DTryMe
  2. A step ahead!
  3. ArtPool
  4. Automated pH meter
  5. Blackboard
  6. Break the language barrier
  7. Casey's Cookies
  8. College Scheduling Application ( Saryan )
  9. Early Cancer Detection to save lives
  10. Educational Kit
  11. Energy Efficient Water Recirculation System
  12. Expledge
  13. FarmersAreHere: A Farmers Market Mobile Application
  14. Flare Stack Generators
  15. For Your Furbaby
  16. Hack The Hood - Helping an award winning non-profit organization scale!
  17. High-Speed Analog-to-Digital Converter For Smartphones
  18. If Not Now When !!!
  19. Improving Businesses & Customer satisfaction
  20. Intelligent Refrigerator
  21. Launching Pods
  22. LIGHT sk8
  23. Locksuit: injuries imitating costume for video game console
  24. MA Link: Your Link for B2B Innovation
  25. MarketFusion: Your Solution. Your Way.
  26. Mini Food Stand
  27. Non-Enzymatic Cell Dissociator
  28. OnHand: Inventory and Pricing Solution
  29. Parental Awareness for American Youth Football (AYF)
  30. Permanent/temporary prosthetic limbs with full control
  31. Pharmacogenomics in Clinical Trials
  32. Real world Heads Up Display
  33. Red Light Green Light
  34. Reducing Drunk Driving
  35. Ryan’s Roka: a decadent, organic treat.
  36. Sacred Heart
  37. Sani-Seat
  38. Schooling Through Internet of Things
  39. Security Toolkit
  40. Sense Yo Steps:  Biofeedback Orthotic Insoles for Corrective Treatment of Gait and Posture
  41. Shopping with e-cart at the supermarket
  42. Smart Crowd Management using Internet of Things (IoT)
  43. SmartValve - the revolutionary, water saving, house flood avoiding solution to burst or leaking hoses
  44. Solely Helpful
  45. StudentHero
  46. The Pet House
  47. Variable Camber Suspension System
  48. Virtual Coaching and Self-Help
  49. Virtual Fitting Room
  50. Virtual Interactive Learning
  51. Walk 'n' Charge
  52. Waning Painting Pigments
  53. WatchMe
  54. Wearable Flexible LED Display
  55. Wireless charging of electric cars