Frequently Asked Questions

What is the agenda for SVIC Finalists' Showcase Agenda on November 28, 2023? 
10:00am - Welcome remarks by President Teniente-Matson
10:15am - Elevator Pitch Contest
12:00pm - First Round Evaluation of Poster boards 
2:00pm - Judges' Deliberation
3:00pm - Second Round Evaluation 
4:00pm - Awards & Closing remarks
4:30pm - Reception 

Where is the SVIC Finalists' Showcase being held on November 28, 2023?
The SJSU Student Union Ballroom.

Do we need to have a full business plan to enter the SVIC ?
No, all you need is an idea that solves a problem.

What is the team size required to enter the SVIC?
Team size can range from 1 to 6.

Who can enter the SVIC?
All SJSU undergrad or grad students, faculties, staff or alumni are eligible to enter the SVIC.

Can I say I have a patent or a patent-pending when I do not? 
No! It is important to be truthful about what you have accomplished so far. For more information, please look at the SVIC guidelines

Can I team up with a member of faculty to enter the SVIC?
Yes, you may team up with anyone as long as at least one of you is affiliated with SJSU. Note that winning teams should include at least one current SJSU student.

Is the competition in-person or virtual this year?
The SVIC finalist showcase will be in-person this year.

Do I have to be a finalist in order to attend the SVIC finalist showcase?
No, you are welcome to attend, learn and network even if you are not a finalist.

Do I need to have first-hand data to showcase in my presentation?
First-hand data is not required to present your idea at the finalist showcase, but it may help to impress the judges and provide evidence in support of your idea.

Why should I enter the SVIC? What is the benefit?
The SVIC is intended to promote entrepreneurship within the SJSU community. You will have the opportunity to pitch your idea, receive feedback from industry experts, experienced entrepreneurs, leaders in various markets, SJSU faculty, as well as students from different disciplines, and network with them. You can also win prize money based on your ranking.