2016 Sponsors

As one of the two programs that fall under the Silicon Valley Centers for Entrepreneurship, the Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge receives most of its funding from the Lucas Graduate School and College of Business. Generous financial support from our SJSU community and corporate sponsors enable us to offer cash prizes and in-kind gifts to SVIC winners. Please join our circle of valued supporters and help our students power Silicon Valley. Sponsor SVIC today!

SVIC Leadership Council

SJW: San Jose Water Company

SJSU: Lucas College and Graduate School of Business.

SVIC Innovation Advocate


SVIC Friends Circle

SJSU College of Engineering

SJSU Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge

SJSU: Connie L. Lurie College of Education

SJSU: College of International and Extended Studies

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SJSU Spartan Shops

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TECHLAB Innovation Center

TIE Silicon Valley Fostering Entreprenueurship