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Painting of two young woman in pink dresses facing each other with their pinky fingers intertwined
Jessica Landrum, BFA Pictorial Arts, Spring 2020

Spring 2020 BFA Senior Projects

Each semester BFA students present a solo exhibition of work in partial fulfillment of their curricular degrees. View work from all disciplines of study in the Department of Art & Art History. Artists include: Claudia Sanborn, Cynthia Gonzalez, Francisco Mendoza, Gabriel Morales Isabella Sziraczky, James Moore, Jessica Landrum, Jiang Chen Rodriguez, Krisellynne Rulloda, Leah Silveira, Luisa Morco, Megan Leach, Monica Muñoz, Nancy Nguyen, Niles Sones, Oscar Delgadillo, Rebecca Johnson, Samantha Pina, Steven Dellicarpini, Tessa Cheng

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Culminating Class Exhibitions

abstract collage with clothes in the foreground

"Alone Together" - Art 197: BA Senior Projects 

The Spring 2020 BA Senior Project Exhibition features the culminating work of thirteen San José State University student-artists in a virtual gallery, as the title suggests ‘alone together’ in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine guidelines. Each student responded to this intensifying question of ‘how to be alone together’ in their work as both a practical and creative survival strategy—and often under much personal and collective duress. This class was taught by Instructor Mel Day.

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collage print of female figures in bathing suits

Art 3: Medium and Message

This undergraduate seminar introduces intermediate-level artists to a research and project based approach to art-making with a focus on contemporary, idea-appropriate media and methods. This course was taught by Professor Shannon Wright. 

hand with leaves surrounding it and the word "make" in the lower right corner

Printmaking Classes

"The Poster and the Garment" and "Look with your Fingers, Touch with your Eyes" showcases student work from two printmaking courses: Art 150 - Printmaking & Letterpress and Art 151 - Screenprinting, both taught by Instructor Irene Carvajal.

triptych with a painted hand, female figure, and hand holding a heart

Art 173: Installation Art - Architectural Interventions

This is a graduate and upper-division undergraduate studio class focused on the production and discussion of installation art. Students in this course explore the history of installation art as a genre of art-making that encourages invention and new ways of thinking about presentation and communication of ideas. This course was taught by Professor Shannon Wright.

young woman in a white dress on a rooftop

Photo 125: Fashion Photography

"Quarantine Couture" showcases work by students that had to design their fashion shoots with the resources they had available while adhering to safety and social distancing. Professional cameras were replaced with their own equipment or a smartphone, studios were replaced with their living space and backyard, while roommates and family members (even the student) became models. This course was taught by Instructor Jonathan Fung.

Photo 120 Gallery Screenshot

Photo 120: Image & Idea

Two virtual galleries featuring two sections of Photo 120 taught by Professor Valerie Mendoza. Image and Idea is an image based exhibition class that asks each member of the group to develop one body of conceptually related work over the course of a semester. Explore the virtual galleries:

Ideas from Isolation 

Alone Together


Figure lying down looking at laptop
Xinyu Wu, Submission for Cartharis Project

Cartharsis Photography Exhibition

Throughout history artists have been confronted with adversity and hardship. Part of the American spirit is the determination and courage to face these conflicts. The camera is a powerful medium that can capture the cathartic release of human emotion in a way that other creative mediums can’t. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is an historical moment. The isolation, fear, and anxiety can be overwhelming and each of us are experiencing a range of emotions. Learning how to cope with the stress will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger. Catharsis creates a forum of human expression and solidarity through a virtual gallery exhibition space. It showcases the resiliency of San Jose State University art and design students confronted with real life human experiences associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The exhibition is curated by Dr. Jonathan Fung, photography professor and Mosaic Cross Cultural Faculty Fellow, in collaboration with Cynthia Cao, coordinator of SJSU student galleries, Mosaic Cross Cultural Center, and the SJSU Photo Guild.

Screenshot of website homepage
VISA Exhibition Homepage

Art 75: Introduction to Digital Video Art

The Virtual Institute of Simulation Art (VISA) is an online art center and gallery, currently displaying 4 WebVR collections: Crisis, Sanctuary, Oasis, and Unmapped. VISA allows viewers to travel to a “hyperreality” consisting of artist-designed simulated environments. The space was conceived by Leily Khatibi & Kiki Wu as a curatorial project. Our mission is to leverage digital art and collaboration through open-source, web-based, immersive media that is accessible to anyone with a computer and stable internet connection. A total number of 28 website-specific works are exhibited on from May 22, 2020 – April 27, 2022. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, new and experimental ways of sharing art online arises. In this gallery, a wide variety of responses to the current social and environmental changes are manifested as 3D renders and video. These pieces are created by Art75 students (Introduction to Digital Video Art class–sections 1 & 2, spring 2020) from CADRE New Media Lab, San José State University.

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