Wish You Were Here Postcard Design Contest

Round 2 - Spring 2021

Submission Guidelines Here.

Contest Opens: Monday, March 1st, 2021, 9:00am PST

Contest Closes: Friday, April 9th, 2021, 11:59pm PST

Extended deadline: Friday, May 14th, 2021, 11:59pm PST

Winners Announced: by Friday, June 14, 2021


Round 1 Contest Winners

Unique Limited Edition Artworks:

Yvonne Bellido

Debbie Lam

Megan Moriarty

Karen Tsugawa


Design for Community Contribution:

Olivia Garcia

Raymond Lam

Jason Nguyen


Yvonne Bellido(Above)

Artist: Yvonne Bellido.

A collection of things I wanted to say but never did. I ask myself, "Where did the time go?" and I am waiting to see what will show up on my shore again. I know I will find my way back to it. But I am still left hoping for something and missing people that have left my shore. This small piece from my series is about my grandmother. She recently passed in August and things haven't been the same. I am lost and confused with life. I'm reminded of her- it's like catching little glimpses of her through memories and dreams. There are little parts on her in this piece now.

Debbie Lam(Above)

Artist: Debbie Lam.

Megan Moriarty(Above)

Artist: Megan Moriarty.

When the COVID19 pandemic began to spread across the United States, I turned to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease’s Flickr account. I knew from previous experience that this would be where the United State’s federal research labs would share the first electron microscope images of the virus. In those early weeks, I was rewarded with colorized photos of our bodies at war and 3D structural models of a new enemy. As an artist, I searched every image for the turmoil of this moment— for what Wassily Kandinsky called the ‘klang’— and was left wanting. So, as I held onto the scientific scenes of an invisible war, I began to delve into the metaphysical crisis of a shared isolation. Alone in my basement, I created an abstract photographic series in which I imagined the microscopic landscapes of the human body as emotional and energized compositions. Using glass microscope slides and acrylic ink, I created boldly colored image plates and photographed them on a high resolution scanner. The resulting photos are expressive and abstract, while also hinting at the microscopic drama playing out within our bodies.

Karen Tsugawa(Above)

Artist: Karen Tsugawa.

Postcard designed by envisioning as a collaboration between mediums, people, water, and time. These handmade postcards are shown with sewn front designs based on traditional Japanese patterns in Sashiko, with handmade paper and a hand sewn stamp.

Olivia Garcia


Artist: Olivia Garcia. This image is a result of my exploration of the idea of water acting as a natural mirror. I have mixed medias to display an imaginary world seen through the eyes of my younger self.

Raymond Lam


Artist: Raymond Lam.

Inspired by the recent political turmoil in Hong Kong, Flower Respirator explores the imagery of and aesthetic fashions of protest. Respirator inspired by the protests in Hong Kong. Based on 3M respirators and their iconic pink filters. The flowers act as filters for this piece. Blend of militaristic and mechanical shapes contrasted with soft curves of flowers. Piece made primarily with polygons and subdivisions and manipulation of edges.

The imagery of the lotus flower and cherry blossoms represent the flag of the Hong Kong Special Autonomous Region. The respirator is iconic and a clear reference to the infamous rise of the 3M respirator to the global consciousness. The baseball bat and toppled barrier fences depict violence and struggle. 

The scene is set up in a way in which the respirator is almost a shrine - a symbol of struggle and freedom. Lead slugs from fired weapons impact onto an invisible forcefield, implying that this shrine and mask itself - is impervious. 


Jason Nguyen(Above)

Artist: Jason Nguyen.

This is a suit that projects the innermost feelings of the person wearing this suit. It projects the wearer’s chains, the thoughts that the person can not let go. It can be trauma from their childhood or memories that they can never forget, whatever it may be, the TV will tell the story by projecting whatever has been displayed in the media from news channels to commercials to cartoons. The body is also bounded when wearing the suit to create the sense of restriction, the feeling of no escape which is comparable to one’s feelings when handling trauma and unforgettable memories.

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Kiosk Design Contest

Selected kiosk designer:

Ryan Yokono

Ryan Yokono

Ryan Yokono

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John Choi [pdf]

Clemente Rivas [pdf]