Our Staff

Headshot of Ana Navarrete

Ana Navarrete (she/her), Program Director

Ana was born in Tamaulipas, Mexico and migrated with her family to the U.S. when she was 9 months old. As a child she lived in San Jose for many years until she moved to Stockton, CA where she attended high school and community college. As a first generation student and also undocumented, navigating higher ed was a very difficult, but through her involvement in the Puente Program and the California Dream Network, Ana was empowered to advocate for institutional support for undocumented students in higher ed. In 2013 Ana obtained a B.A. in Latin American and Latino Studies from UC, Santa Cruz, and since graduating she has continued her work in developing best practices and resources to support the success and graduation of undocumented students in higher ed. During her free time Ana enjoys roller-skating alongside her dog, Tin Tan.


USRC Peer Mentors

Image of young woman smiling in front of a brick building. She has deep brown skin tone, braids, and a black shirt and blazer.

Chinaza Maduka (she/her)

Chinaza is a first-generation college student at San Jose State University majoring In Industrial and Systems Engineering with a minor in Graphic Design, in hopes to pursue a career in Computer Graphics in the future. Chinaza was born and raised in Nigeria, and moved to the U.S at the age of 10. She is passionate about helping low-income, first-generation students in terms of finding resources and scholarships to assist them in their educational journey. During her free time, she enjoys painting, going to museums, and hiking.

young woman smiling while posing in front of building. She has light medium skin tone, jewelry, white shirt and blazer.

Eliana Olivas (she/her)

Eliana was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. She is a first-generation college student at San Jose State University majoring in Political Science and minoring in Sociology. She is involved with Associated Students and Greek life on campus, and advises all new students to get involved with a community at SJSU! She is passionate about increasing representation for underrepresented communities, and wants to work in immigration reform and advocacy after she earns her degree. In her free time, she enjoys going out with her friends and family, going to concerts, and trying new food places.

younng woman posing in front of trees and smiling. She has a light medium skin tone, shoulder length hair, and is waring a shirt that reads "love"

Lyna Luu (she/her)

Lyna is an international student from Vietnam, majoring in Management Information Systems. As a newcomer, she was drawn to the vibrant tapestry of cultures that form American society and Lyna's empathy and connection to underrepresented minority groups have driven her to actively address their challenges. As a student assistant at the USRC, she advocates for these communities, contributing to a more inclusive campus environment. With a flexible mindset for her future career, Lyna eagerly explores diverse opportunities with determination. Beyond academics and community engagement, she enjoys gaming and crocheting in her free time. The world of arts and crafts allows Lyna to not only express herself but also witness her creations come to life, offering a fulfilling and rewarding outlet.

young man smiling while posing in front of tree. He is wearing a blue shirt and has short brown hair.

Patricio Barajas (he/him)

Patricio is a fourth-year senior majoring in Sociology. He grew up in San Jose and transferred to SJSU from De Anza College.