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Credit for Military Education
SJSU awards credit* for military education based on Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) Rankings and Military Experience. Using the American Council on Education (ACE) recommendation, SJSU awards lower and/or upper division units for associate, baccalaureate, or graduate degrees. SJSU does not award credit for any vocational, technical, or certificate trainings. 

For a complete view of Admissions requirements, click here.

*Credit for basic training can be awarded from the JST or the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) transcript.  Beginning December, 2023, SJSU only uses JST or CCAF transcripts to make a determination of credit awards for military education. Units are included in the 70 unit maximum allowed from community colleges.

Joint Services Transcript (JST)
Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard veterans and service members can access their JST's online. Your JST includes college credit recommendations from ACE regarding your military training, exam scores from CLEP, DSST, DLPT and Excelsior/Regents credit. 

Community College of the Air Force (CCAF)
Air Force service members and veterans can access their transcripts through Air University. 

Approved Military Education Credit
Approved military education ACE credit recommendations are used for lower division baccalaureate degree courses to fulfill the following select areas of the SJSU General Education pattern (please see complete GE requirements required for graduation):

GE Oral Communication – 3 semester hours in oral communication, public speaking, speech, interpersonal communication must be specifically listed as part of the ACE Guide recommendation
GE Physical Science – 3 semester hours in solid physical science such as physics, chemistry, etc. must be specifically listed as part of the ACE Guide recommendation
GE Life Science – 3 semester hours in solid life science such as biology, anatomy, physiology, etc. must be specifically listed as part of the ACE Guide recommendation
GE Natural Science Lab – appropriate physical or life science lab must be specifically listed as part of the ACE Guide recommendation
GE Social Behavioral Science – 3 semester hours in appropriate social behavioral science course such as economics, psychology, sociology, etc. must be specifically listed as part of the ACE Guide recommendation
GE Humanities – 3 semester hours in appropriate humanities course such as jazz theory must be specifically listed as part of the ACE Guide recommendation 
GE Area E - Basic Training credit based on branch of service and military entrance date
Military credit for GE Area E is awarded as follows:
Branch Entrance Date Basic Training  Units
Air Force 1/1976 - Present* --n/a-- 4 units
Army 12/1979 - 6/1985 AR-2201-0197 4 units
Army 7/1985 - 2/2000 AR-2201-0399 4 units
Army 3/2000-09/2005 AR-2201-0399 5 units
Army 10/2005 - present AR-2201-0399 6 units
Coast Guard 1/1978 - 12/1987 CG-2205-0011 4 units
Coast Guard 1/1988 - 7/2003 CG-2205-0035 4 units
Goast Guard 8/2003 - 5/2009 CG-2205-0035 6 units
Coast Guard 6/2009 - Present CG-2205-0035 7 units
Marine Corps 12/1976 - 5/1991 MC-2204-0038 8 units
Marine Corps 12/1979 - 3/1987 MC-2204-0046 4 units (women)
Marine Corps 6/1991 - 9/2000 MC-2204-0088 4 units
Marine Corps 10/2000 - 12/2010 MC-2204-0088 8 units
Marine Corps 01/2011 - Present MC-2204-0088 9 units
Navy 4/1979 - 9/1991 NV-2202-0014 4 units
Navy 10/1991 - 07/2002 NV-2202-0165 3 units
Navy 8/2002 - 10/2016 NV-2202-0165 2 units
Navy 11/2016 - Present NV-2202-0165 9 units


VA Forms 

Below is a list of VA forms available for download. All forms are in .PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat to view and print. Forms will open in a new browser window.




Other Resources

  • SJSU Women in the Military: Facebook page for SJSU women in the military
  • County Veteran Services Offices: The California Association of County Veterans Service Officers (CACVSO) is an organization of professional veterans advocates.  In California, The County Veterans Service Officer plays a critical role in the veteran’s advocacy system and is often the initial contact in the community for veterans services.  Through the County Veterans Service Officer, the CACVSO is committed to California Counties to provide a vital and efficient system of services and advocacy to veterans, their dependents and survivors. 
  • Veterans Student Organization: As a Chapter of the Student Veterans of America, the mission of the Veterans Student Organization (VSO) at SJSU is to provide support and assistance to Veterans at SJSU while serving as advocates on their behalf. The VSO strives to improve educational opportunities for veterans and create a vet friendly environment on campus. All students, veterans, reservists, guard members, active duty personnel and veteran dependents are encouraged to join and become part of the club. For more information, follow them on Facebook or Instagram or send email to VSO.