Judy Chou



President and CEO

AltruBio, Inc.                                                                      



With 25 years of experience in drug development and biomanufacturing, Dr. Judy Chou currently is the President,CEO, and Board member of AltruBio, Inc. Before joining the company, she headed the global Pharmaceutical Biotech organization at Bayer Pharmaceuticals overseeing the manufacturing and distribution of Bayer’s $3+ billion per year biotechnology product portfolio and 2000+ employees and leading the drug development activities for Biologics pipeline. In addition, she serves as the site head for Bayer’s facility in Berkeley, CA, USA. She is well recognized by the biomedical industry for her leadership and has received the Most Influential Women in Business Award in 2018.

Before Bayer, she held the role of Vice President of Pharmaceutical /Technical Operations at Pfizer, Inc., formerly Mepation, where she led the Development and Manufacturing organizations for both biologics and small molecule products. She was also Vice President of R&D at Tanvex Biopharma, Inc., where Dr. Chou led the development of rich pipeline projects in R&D, manufacturing, and clinical development and operations to enable the success of the company’s IPO. Throughout Dr. Chou’s career, she has achieved significant milestones in protein therapeutic development and multiple filings of BLAs, NDAs, and INDs of novel products and is recognized for her work at Genentech, Wyeth, and Abbott especially in the development of breakthrough technologies in analytical characterization and the accelerated product development.

Before joining the industry, Dr. Chou was a research faculty member at Harvard University Medical School, focused on cell biology and neuroscience research. Dr. Chou obtained her Ph.D. from Yale University and completed her post-doctoral training at Max-Planck Institute in Germany.