Are you listening to me?! Communicating Assertively

By: Jimma Cortez-Smith and Dr. Amanda Walters, SJSU 
2017 Silicon Valley WiE Conference

This workshop helps female engineers gain skills to communicate effectively in a male dominated field. We will learn and practice assertive communication skills, learn more about empowering women in engineering, and provide a safe place to share experiences.

Jimma Cortez-Smith
Jimma Cortes-Smith, MA, is an alumna of the SJSU Counselor Education program.

She is in her 13th year of teaching EDCO 004 Personal, Academic and Career Development. In 2013, she began as a temp with SJSU Counseling and Psychological Services as an Educational Counselor; she is presently the full-time coordinator of the educational program. Ms. Cortes-Smith’s passion is helping students develop their career pathways. As an introvert, she formerly struggled with weak networking skills and reserved interviewing skills, which was hampering her career growth. In recognizing this, Ms. Cortes-Smith has developed and facilitated workshops in assertive communication, in the hopes that the students will be able to build confidence, become empowered and be heard!!

Dr. Amanda Walters
Amanda Walters, Psy.D. earned her doctorate in psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco in 2015. She completed her post- doctoral residency at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at San Jose State University and was then hired as a full-time counselor faculty. Dr. Walters truly enjoys working with the students at SJSU and she is passionate about providing women with the skills to succeed!

What Makes You Tick?

By: Joanna Guerrero, VMWare
2017 Silicon Valley WiE Conference

Do you know what it takes to be a great leader? Do you want to be an even better leader? Do you want to know what being a leader is all about? Then this workshop is for you! Through this interactive and fun workshop, you will learn what it means to be a leader and what you need to know to become
a great leader. You will gain useful insights and learn valuable tools to help you lead to greater heights.

Joanna Guerrero
Joanna Guerrero was born in the small town of Dinuba, CA, located in the Central Valley, an agricultural valley that dominates the geographical center of California. She has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from California State University, Chico, and a Master’sdegree in Software Engineering from SanJose State University. As a software engineer for IBM, she was with the company nearly 16 years and was responsible for the build and release processes of multiple database management products. She recently transition to VMWare, company that provides cloud and virtualization software and services. Joanna currently serves as Chair of the SJSU MEP Industry Advisory Board and Industry Advisor to
the Society of Women Engineers.

Emotional Intelligence

By:Tina Simms, Tina Simms Consulting
2017 Silicon Valley WiE Conference

Often, college students enter the workforce uncertain how to effectively manage themselves among older, more experienced (though potentially less sophisticated) peers. Understanding the nuances of Emotional Intelligence better prepares a student for the realities of the workplace.

Tina Simms
Tina Simms is a retired Senior Network Process & Quality Manager for AT&T’s Network Operation Construction and Engineering West Region. Currently, she is an independent consultant for the Northern California Joint Pole Association. Tina’s AT&T background also includes Outside Plant Design Engineering (Project Pronto‐ DSL, Project Lightspeed‐Uverse) as well as AT&T’s Fiber to the Building Project VIP. Tina holds a Masters in Telecommunications Management from Golden Gate University. She is a highly sought‐after part‐time instructor for the University of Phoenix’s Bay Campus and is also a 2013 Distinguished Faculty of the Year Awardee, as voted by the students. Tina has been a California MESA AT&T industry volunteer since 1997. She has supported and guided MESA statewide and local funding efforts toward specific AT&T funding and hiring resources (AT&T Aspire, AT&T Technology Development Program). Tina is a sought after Leadership and Diversity presenter for Northern California and Bay Area STEM college and high school events. She is also the recipient ofPresident Obama’s Service Award. Tina Simms truly lives for the opportunity to assist others with tapping into their full individual potential.