Professional Development

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To succeed in today’s workplace, engineering students need to master both technical (hard) skills and non-technical (soft) skills. The Professional Development program teaches students non-technical knowledge and skills such as interpersonal and communication skills, self-understanding, leadership stance, as well as an understanding of business and societal trends.


Job and Internship Search - Online and Beyond

Kelly Masegian
STEM Career Counselor
SJSU Career Center
2020 Silicon Valley WiE Conference

Everyone is familiar with the big job boards – Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn. Come learn how to optimize your searches as well as other methods to increase your chances of landing a job or internship that will be the right fit for you.

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Design Your Future Career

Anita Manuel
Associate Director, Career Education
San José State University
2020 Silicon Valley WiE Conference

You’ve heard about the potential impact of automation on future jobs. Are you ready for a future in which occupations could change significantly every 5 to 10 years? In this interactive workshop, you will actively design your future in evolving STEM occupations. From assessing your strengths to mapping strategies to build valuable experience, you will emerge with a process for prototyping your career throughout your life.

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