Structure of the Program

The Wound and Ostomy Courses consist of both didactic and practicum components, incorporating an interactive online and onsite instructional design.

A dual specialty program in wound and ostomy nursing requires a minimum of 200 hours of student contact, including 80 hours of the practicum component. A single specialty program in either wound or ostomy requires 100 hours of student contact, including 40 hours of the practicum component.

The Foot and Nail Course will be offered once a year in the fall semester. Students are not allowed to take the wound or ostomy course together with this course in the same semester.

Didactic Portion

The didactic portion of a single specialty course (wound, ostomy or foot and nail) is five weeks in duration and consists of approximately 40 hours of online instruction and 20 hours of onsite instruction.

Online Content

Before the beginning of class, students will be given access to CANVAS, an online learning management system at SJSU. Course syllabus, class schedule, assignments, and other course related information will be available on CANVAS. Interactive classes in 3-hour blocks will be held online throughout each of the five-week courses. Students may watch lecture recordings if they are unable to attend classes at the scheduled times.

Onsite Days

Onsite days are designed for skills demonstration and practice, guest lectures, and vendor exhibition.

See Course Schedule for specific dates, during Spring and Fall semesters.