Tuition for a single course is $4,000. The course fee includes textbooks and parking for the campus onsite days.

Application Fees

The non-refundable application fee for Cal State Apply is $70. Please follow the Cal State Apply instructions to pay the university application fee.

The Wound and Ostomy courses application fee is $100 for one course, $200 for both courses. The Foot and Nail course fee is $100. The courses application fee can be paid via Cashnet eMarket.

Other Costs

Students will be responsible for other costs such as professional liability insurance, health insurance, drug screening, criminal background check, transportation, lodging, food, and other expenses. There is also a fee for using CastleBranch for uploading and verification of your pre-clinical documents. There may be additional pre-clinical testing requirements and costs for some clinical agencies. It will be the responsibility of the student to comply with any additional clinical requirements.