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Eligibility and Prerequisites

We look forward to receiving your application!

Admission to the Nursing Specialty Advanced Certificate Program in any of the three courses (wound, ostomy, foot and nail) requires the applicant to be:

  • A registered nurse (RN) with a nursing-major Baccalaureate Degree or higher (BSN, MSN, DNP, or PhD)

-- Or --

  • A registered nurse (RN) with a Bachelor's Degree in another field, and
  • One year of RN clinical nursing experience following RN licensure, and 
  • Current clinical nursing experience or completion of a nurse refresher course or a clinical performance examination within five years prior to application

How to Apply


Applicaion Window for Fall 2023:  October 1, 2022 - May 20, 2023

  • Wound Care
  • Ostomy Care
  • Foot and Nail Care

Apply early, as it takes time to request and receive official transcripts from academic institutions.

The application process has two main steps:

Step 1: Create an application in Cal State Apply

Cal State Apply is the application portal for the entire California State University (CSU) system, for multiple start terms.

  • From the main page, scroll down toward the bottom and select the term in which you wish to enroll (via a dropdown menu next to a red Apply button).
  • During the process of creating your account, you will be asked to indicate your degree goal/type - select "second bachelor’s degree and beyond and certificate."
  • After being directed to the Find Program or Add Program page, type "San Jose" in the "Filters" search bar to narrow your search (example image below). This will bring up the "San Jose Extension" section, in which you will find the “Wound and Ostomy Nursing Specialty Advanced Certificate” (this is the program through which you will apply for any of the specialty certification programs: Wound Care, Ostomy Care, and/or Foot & Nail Care).

Screenshot of Cal State Apply, using Filters search field for narrowed search results. Two red arrows indicate the search box and the narrowed search results.

Find additional help with the Graduate application process on the Admissions' Office page for Graduate programs.

Having techincal issues with Cal State Apply? Contact their customer service team at 857-304-2087 for assistance.

Step 2: Additional Documents

The following additional application documents for the School of Nursing must be uploaded to the Cal State Apply website during the application process:

Screenshot of the Cal State Apply applicat's dashboard


After Program Acceptance

If accepted into one or more of the three Care programs, some additional steps will be required.

Program Specific Application Fee

All three of the specialty certification Care programs require a $100.00 application fee (in addition to the Cal State Apply submission fee), which must be paid via Transact before the beginning of the program.

Background Check

Clinical agencies require that all students have cleared a criminal background check and a negative urine drug screen prior to starting clinical. RN students are responsible for obtaining the required background check and urine drug screen upon notification of acceptance. Information on how to obtain background check and urine drug screen will be described on the notification of acceptance.

If you plan on taking your wound and/or practicum in Santa Cruz, Bakersfield, or at your own employment facility, please check with us first before obtaining background check, urine drug screen, and other tests.

Pre-Clinical Documents

Several documents, along with further instructions, will be indicated during acceptance communication. These will need to be uploaded to CastleBranch before the first day of class.


Questions Regarding the Program

Still have questions? We want to answer them for you.


Phone: (408) 924-3183