November 2020 Town Halls

During November of 2020 Rankin & Associates unveiled and summarized the key findings of the belong@SJSU campus climate for inclusion survey during two virtual town halls that were attended by over 300 people.  Thanks to all who attended and posted questions to the panelists. 

Below you can find:

Presentation Slidedeck used during the Town Halls**
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Town Halls Presentations
A more comprehensive set of slides that include the deck used during the Town Halls can be found on the main findings page here

Town Hall Videos

November 12, 2020

November 13, 2020


Questions Asked During the Town Hall Meetings

Please note that the questions contained in secton were compiled directly from questions submitted by participants during the two  Town Halls  through the Q & A function on Zoom. Some of these questions were answered live during the town hall by panelists from Rankin and Associates and by SJSU administrators. Some of these questions were not answered live due to limitations of the thirty minute Q & A session. These questions are also answered below. 

November 9, 2020 Invitation to the Campus Community 


Dear campus community,

At SJSU, one of our ongoing values is to create and maintain an environment characterized by openness, fairness and equal access for all students, staff and faculty. In that spirit, many of you might recall that we conducted the belong@SJSU campus climate survey during spring semester.

The process was led by the Campus Climate and Belonging Committee (CCBC) in collaboration with a highly respected consulting firm, Rankin & Associates. The CCBC worked with our consultants for nearly a full year to conduct focus groups, design the survey, and make decisions about how to conduct the analysis, including how to address potentially low response rates.

Despite the delays caused by extending the survey period due to COVID-19, we can now report that the results are ready to share. Two town hall meetings have been scheduled where Rankin & Associates will unveil and summarize the key findings. The presentation portion of the town halls will be recorded and made available for the campus community.

At the town halls, the campus community will hear findings from the belong@SJSU campus climate survey, which was open from February through May of this year. You will not hear recommendations on what to do with the findings, which is a responsibility our community bears, not our consultants. The results of the survey will enable us to develop programs and practices that will increase inclusivity in areas that have struggled. Survey results will also allow us to enhance and replicate programs and practices that are shown to be successful in meeting the needs of our campus community.

By design, we have not read the report. From the beginning, our plan was to receive the report at the same time as the rest of the community, which is the standard practice of Rankin & Associates and is, in fact, one reason that we chose them. However, we have been informed that response rates among some groups precluded certain statistical analyses. We share this information now to help manage the expectations about what the findings will tell us about our community.

The report we will receive represents what we hope to be the first of many efforts to analyze the data. It will be posted on the belong@SJSU website the week of November 16. The complete data set will be provided to SJSU later this year, and we will create a campus process for developing reports and requests for analysis. It will be up to us to take advantage of the rich dataset that we have to extract findings that can guide our work.

Use the links below to register for one of the town halls:

Thursday, November 12, 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm
Friday, November 13, 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

We hope to see you there!


Kathleen Wong(Lau)
Chief Diversity Officer, Office of the President
Co-Chair, Campus Climate and Belonging Committee

Lisa Millora
Vice President for Strategy and Chief of Staff, Office of the President
Co-Chair, Campus Climate and Belonging Committee