Tuition Fee Waiver

Program Overview

The Tuition Fee Waiver Program is a benefit for eligible faculty, staff and management employees in the California State University. It allows employees to participate in CSU general-fund courses at reduced rates. Eligible employees may transfer their tuition fee waiver benefit to a qualified dependent. 

Tuition fees are waived for a maximum of two courses or 6 units per term, for any of the CSU’s 23 campuses. Additional fees that may be reduced or waived are dependent upon the type of position the employee holds.


Tuition Fee Waiver Types

Job Related 

Employees may take courses specifically to improve their performance in their current job or to acquire additional skills needed to perform newly-assigned duties and responsibilities.

Career Development 

Employees must apply to SJSU and be matriculated students working toward a degree. Employees may complete more than one degree through fee waiver.

Dependent Fee Waiver 

Eligible employees may transfer their fee waiver benefit to a spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child. The qualified dependent needs to be matriculated toward a degree or attainment of a teaching credential in the CSU.

Teaching Associate 

Matriculated graduate students appointed as Teaching Associates at San José State University are eligible for fee waiver.