Recruitment Action Plan

San José State University tailors our Action-Oriented Programs each year to ensure they are specific to previously identified problems. The Action-Oriented Programs designed to address the underutilization of women / minorities / veterans / persons with disabilities are listed below and will be carried-out throughout the Affirmative Action Plan year. The Senior Associate Vice President for University Personnel, with the help of the managers, will be responsible for ensuring that the following are implemented:


  • University Personnel will place job opportunity announcements on the SJSU Internal and External Careers portals and through local job service offices.
  • University Personnel uses PageUp, which makes its advertised positions available from any internet-accessible computer, smart phone or tablet.
  • Advertisements and newsletters will always carry the Equal Employment Opportunity clause.
  • Minorities / women / veterans / persons with disabilities will be considered for all positions for which they are qualified.
  • University Personnel will participate in job fairs on a quarterly basis if there are sufficient numbers of openings to warrant participation.
  • University Personnel will continue to advertise open positions throughout the CSU System.
  • Each Announcement of Position Availability must contain the Equal Opportunity Statement.

Job Specifications / Selection Process:

  • Develop position descriptions that accurately reflect position functions, and are consistent for the same position from one location to another.
  • Develop job specifications that contain academic, experience, and skill requirements that do not constitute inadvertent discrimination. Develop specifications that are free from bias with regard to age, race, color, religion, national origin, disability or veteran status.
  • Approved position specifications will be made available to all members of management involved in the recruiting, screening, selection, and promotion process. Copies may also be made available to recruiting sources.
  • University Personnel will continue to use only minimum qualifications that include job-related criteria.
  • University Personnel will continue to counsel all personnel involved in the recruiting, screening, selection, promotion, disciplinary, and related processes to eliminate bias in all personnel actions.

Job Advancement:

  • University Personnel will continue to place job opportunity announcements on the SJSU Internal and External Careers portals.
  • All employees are actively encouraged to participate in facilities and University-sponsored social and recreational activities.
  • San José State University will continue to use our formal employee evaluation program. The performance appraisal is used for annual reviews for all employees.
  • Employees can choose training courses through the CSULearn Library, the LinkedIn Learning Catalog, or the Go2Knowledge Catalog, and include them in their career development plan and performance evaluation.
  • The Tuition Fee Waiver Program allows eligible employees to attend California State University (CSU) courses at reduced rates. The program is designed to assist employees in improving current job skills or in preparing for a new career. Courses are taken for credit, and employees can take either two courses or six units, depending on their job classification.
  • San José State University Associated Students operates a child development center for children aged six-months through six years. The Child Development Center is primarily for students of San José State University. Faculty and staff children will be admitted on a space available basis after student needs have been met. Children are admitted from the waiting list on a first come, first served basis for full fee parents. Low Income families are admitted with the lowest income first priority.
  • San José State University Transportation Solutions maintains a pre-tax Commuter Check incentive program to all employees who use or wish to use transit for their trip to work. Federal legislation allows employees to deduct up to $260 per month ($3,120 per year) from your salary on a pre-tax basis to purchase Commuter Check vouchers. Employees use Commuter Checks to purchase transit tickets, tokens and passes for local public transit services as well as participating vanpools and private transportation providers.