Jobs at SJSU

A photo of Professor Melody Esfandiari

Faculty, Staff & Management

SJSU’S world-class faculty, staff, and management are an integral part of a student’s journey through academia. Become part of a diverse, inclusive, welcoming and well-balanced community focused on educating students to do extraordinary things with their lives as learners, creators and champions.

A group of students

Student Jobs

A student's first job on campus is to focus on academics but many of our students also hold jobs on campus to supplement their income and give them real world experience. Jobs are available in almost every department for both undergraduate and graduate students. Be a bigger part of the Spartan community by finding a campus job.

A photo of Associated Students employees

Auxiliary Organization Jobs

SJSU has five auxiliary organizations that have jobs available for students as well as staff and managers. These jobs are not paid by the State of California but are a part of the SJSU community just the same. Check out the jobs offered through these organizations to see if they're a good fit for you.