CHHS Student Success Center Services

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Available Services

The Student Success Center in the College of Health and Human Sciences (CHHS) provides the following services online or over the phone to students majoring or interested in majoring in programs offered in CHHS Departments and Schools: 

  • Academic Advising (including General Education advising and major prerequisites)
    • Specific major-related questions or substitutions please visit your major advisor
  • SJSU academic policies and procedures
  • Graduation plans (2 & 4 year plans)
  • Change of Major
  • Assistance with the graduation application process
  • Questions about academic notice, disqualification, and reinstatement
  • Help navigating MySJSU and the MyGPS suite of advising tools
  • Learning Campus resources

Advising Services Structure

As a College of Health and Human Sciences (CHHS) student, you will have at least two types of advisors. You will have a General Education (GE) advisor based out of the CHHS Student Success Center (SSC), along with a major advisor from your department or school who is an expert in their specific field. Major advisors are also called faculty or department advisors. Please see the table below for guidance on which type of advisor to meet with depending on your needs. Generally, frosh and sophomores should meet with a GE advisor, while juniors and seniors should meet with both a GE advisor and major advisor. 

Note: Graduate students seeking advising assistance should contact their home department. Your department is best suited for graduate level advising. If you are seeking International Experience advising, however, please call the CHHS Student Success Center.

Comparison of GE/CHHS Advising & Major Advising

GE/CHHS SSC Advisors
  • GE Review
  • Semester Planning
  • Education Pathway Plans
  • Progress Report Discrepancies
  • Petition/Form Questions
  • Academic Policies & Procedures
  • Preparation for Major Advising
Major/Faculty/Department Advisors
  • Major Course Planning
  • Graduation Check-in
  • Major & Minor Forms
  • Substitution Forms
  • Adding/Changing a Major or Minor
  • Internship Guidance
  • Career Guidance
  • Grad School Planning
  • Mentoring