Undeclared Pre-Nursing

Welcome to Undeclared Pre-Nursing!

The CHHS Student Success Center is home to the Undeclared Pre-Nursing (UPN) Program, which is responsible for advising students in the UPN academic track. It is important to know that Undeclared Pre-Nursing (UPN) is an academic track, and not a major. UPN students are considered undeclared students, and are not  Nursing majors until they have completed all pre-requisites, successfully applied to the School of Nursing and have been officially accepted into the Nursing major. The UPN Program is designed to assist students with this process. Undeclared Pre-Nursing students, however, are not guaranteed admission into the Nursing program. As a student interested in the Nursing program, it is important to follow the most current Nursing Roadmap [pdf] which contains program requirements needed to apply. The Nursing program is highly competitive. For this reason, UPN students will be assisted in identifying an alternative major in the event they are not admitted to the Nursing program.

Program Benefits

  • Personalized academic planning with an Undeclared Pre-Nursing academic advisor to develop a multi-semester educational plan. 
  • Knowledge of SJSU academic policy and access to the latest updates to Nursing policies. 
  • Identification of alternative majors as well as the various pathways leading to a career in Nursing or another helping/health profession. 


  • Complete mandatory advising requirements every semester, which may consist of attending workshops, completing worksheets, attending appointments or more. 
  • Develop a realistic and attainable back-up plan. 
  • Apply to Nursing as soon as you are eligible, and before you have earned 60 units. 
  • If you are not accepted into the Nursing program by the time you earn 60 units, you will be required to declare a non-nursing major and seek academic advising on future plans. If you do not declare a major by the time specified, you will be prevented from registering for classes via a hold until a major is declared. (PD 2009-05 [pdf])

Applying to Undeclared Pre-Nursing

Please note, this application is for current matriculated SJSU students only. If you are in high school or community college, please contact SJSU Admissions to learn about how to apply to SJSU as a UPN student. 

  • Read all of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  • In order to qualify to apply to UPN, you must have earned less than 60 units, have a 3.4 GPA in 3 out of the 8 Nursing prerequisites including:
    • 1 science course from: Chem 30A or Bio 65 or Bio 66 or Micro 20 
    • 1 statistics course: Stat 95 or UNVS 15S 
    • and 1 course from the following: Comm 20, GE A3, English 1A/1AS.
  • You can calculate your GPA using a GPA Calculator.
  • After completing the course requirements, fill out the UPN Application.

Applications for Spring admission may be submitted January 1st through January 10th for consideration. You will be notified of your application decision by January 20th. 

Applications for Fall admission may be submitted June 1st through June 10th or consideration. You will be notified of your application decision by June 20th. 

Meet with an Undeclared Pre-Nursing Advisor by calling the CHHS SSC front desk at 408-924-2910 or 408-924-8601. 

Instructions for Undeclared Pre-Nursing (UPN) students seeking signatures and advising for petitions: 

Before submitting a petition for Semester Withdrawal, Leave of Absence, Reinstatement, or Excess Units, please call the CHHS Student Success Center’s front desk to reserve an advising appointment by calling (408) 924-2910 or (408) 924-8601.