Research Highlights

ISSSSC Student Research

The College of Health and Human Sciences engages in research and scholarly work to enhance teaching and learning at San Jose State University. Below are some highlights of faculty research.

Student Research

CHHS Student Participants in the 2022 SJSU Celebration of Research

Faculty Research Articles

Faculty Research Presentations

Physical Activity and Individuals with Disabilities - Dr. Jihyun Lee

Structural Barriers to BSN and ADN Education for Black Students in the U.S. - Dr. Michelle Hampton

"This Isn't Just a White Millennial Thing": The Diversity Paradox in the Free Fitness Movement - Dr. Andrew Carter

Health Inequities Amplified by Corona Virus (COVID-19) - Dr. Moctezuma Garcia

Access to Palliative Care in the Community and Social Determinants of Health - Dr. Nancy Dudley


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