B.S. in Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineers combine science with engineering technology to make an essential contribution to many industries, including biotechnology, semiconductor processing, environmental engineering, manufacturing and industrial chemicals. The Chemical Engineering degree also provides a strong foundation for graduate degrees in a range of disciplines. The Department has excellent laboratory facilities for courses and student research. Our undergraduate program prepares students to enter the chemical engineering profession or to pursue a research career. 

Because of the broad spectrum of industries that chemical engineers contribute to, we offer specialization in five tracks, based on the electives the students choose: (a) Biochemical engineering; (b) Semiconductor processing; (c) Environmental Health and Safety; (d) Polymer/Ceramics processing; and (e) Energy. 

The Biochemical engineering program is a blend of traditional engineering and subjects in the biological sciences with specially developed biochemical engineering courses and labs. Chemical engineers in biotechnology work on projects related to pharmaceuticals and genetically engineered materials for diagnostics and treatment, and food and chemical processing. For students interested in Semiconductor processing, manufacturing opportunities are in semiconductor fabrication, electronics, analytical equipment, and processing equipment for the production of inorganic and specialty chemicals. Chemical engineers play a big role in both conventional and renewable energy fields including oil and gas, batteries, and also sustainable manufacturing and life cycle management. Chemical Engineers working in the environmental area are responsible for control of air pollution, remediation of contaminated water, hazardous materials management, waste reduction, industrial health and safety, risk analysis, and regulation. 

The Chemical Engineering Program at SJSU is designed to provide a solid engineering foundation and then allow the student to develop some specialization in an area of interest.

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Enrollment & Graduation Data

 Chemical Engineering Total Enrollment Data

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Chemical Engineering Graduation Data

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** Some data will not be available because no students in that cohort will have achieved a 5th or 6th year of graduation until 2023.

Note: Graduation rates are calculated based on the student’s first entry cohort information.


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ABET Engineering Accreditation CommissionThe Chemical Engineering Bachelor of Science degree program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, https://www.abet.org, under the General Program Criteria and the Chemical, Biochemical, Biomolecular and Similarly Named Engineering Programs Program Criteria

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