Thesis/Project Report Guidelines

Required Report Writing Guidelines

If the ideal schedule was followed, a student would determine their SJSU research advisor and project topic during ChE 200, which is typically taken in the first semester of starting graduate program. In 281 they would develop and defend a very detailed research proposal report that includes an introduction to the topic, literature review, objectives/hypothesis and detailed experimental plan including methods, materials, safety and data analysis.

The scope of both Plan A (thesis-track) or Plan B (project-track) would be expected to be a minimum of two (2) semesters of full-time work followed by about a month to write up their final thesis or project report and defend their work. 

The main difference between Plan A (thesis-track) and Plan B (project-track) is that a thesis needs to be approved and published by Graduate Studies and has strict requirements and due dates (typically ~6 weeks before end of the semester). Please see SJSU Thesis Guideline for details. 

Students are encouraged to start their graduate research as soon as possible. 

Route to Project/Thesis

1.     Classifies and in good standing (GPA ≥ 3.0)
        Candidacy (complete at least 9 of your 30 units)
        Satisfy the GWAR

2.     Find an Advisor: Find a research advisor during ChE 200 (typically first semester of starting graduate program)

3.     281 Thesis Prep Class: Need a project idea and advisor by first day of class

        1.     Pass Proposal Defense

4.     298/299 Project of Thesis Research 

5.     Pass Final Project Defense