MS, Bioinformatics

Chemistry student working in a lab.

The MS in Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary program offered through the Department of Computer Science that includes coursework in the Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Mathematics. New and evolving techniques allow the acquisitions of many thousands or millions of measurements, requiring the use of mathematical and computational methods to transform into purposeful data and information. The field of bioinformatics has developed to address this need, and the MS in Bioinformatics program prepares students to be competitive in this new field. Upon completing this program, students will be able to:

  • Identify important unanswered questions in biology and biomedical sciences.
  • Address complex biological questions using computer science and statistics.
  • Communicate their research to a broad scientific audience. 

This program prepares students for bioinformatics careers in industry, such as in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and software companies. In addition, the demand for bioinformatics specialists in academia is expanding, and graduates will be prepared for PhD programs in bioinformatics and related fields.

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