BS, Business Administration, Business Analytics

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The College of Business offers a BS in Business Administration with a Concentration in Business Analytics. Business Analytics is a quantitative approach to business, driven by the intelligent use of data and mathematical models. Practitioners leverage methods from statistics and operations research to form insights and make decisions that improve business performance.

Business analytics is crucial to a broad range of industries. Banks need to perform credit risk analysis and analyze streaming transactions in real time to quickly identify potential fraud. Utility companies need to analyze energy usage data to gain a better understanding of demand patterns. Retailers need to perform markdown optimizations, firm-wide liquidity management, and understand the social sentiment around their products and markets to develop more effective campaigns and promotions. Business Analytics helps such organizations uncover insights from big data, build models that relate actions to consequences, and perform optimization and simulation analyses that lead to quality decisions and better outcomes in shorter times. The program covers the following data science topics:

  • The role of data and analytics
  • Probability, descriptive and inferential statistics
  • Data manipulation and data mining
  • Data visualization and communication
  • Data security

The job opportunities for graduates with data analytical skills have never been more numerous. The business analytics concentration is designed to cater to this need by equipping our undergraduates with the skills needed to crunch huge data sets into meaningful information to further facilitate smart business decision-making.

Visit the Department of Marketing and Business Analytics website for more information about the program.

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