BS Engineering Technology, Computer Network Systems Management

Student participating in cyber day camp.

The Department of Aviation and Technology in the College of Engineering offers a BS in Engineering Technology with a Concentration in Computer Network System Management (CNSM). The program is accredited by the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE). The CNSM concentration has an optional apprenticeship program with Cisco Systems. Students may apply for the apprenticeship as they enter their junior year in the degree program and, if accepted, will enter an alternating study and paid work arrangement for their final two years of the program.

The program is designed to prepare graduates for the ever increasing employment opportunities in the field of Computer Network Systems and Management. You will gain knowledge, skills, and practical experiences in the Internet of Things (IoT), network theory and administration, wireless communication, network security and prevention management, and cybersecurity management. The program covers the following data science topics:

  • Cybersecurity knowledge and security standards
  • Fundamentals of risk management and risk management life cycle; data classification standards
  • Data and application security, including key authentication, access control, and secure coding standards
  • IT architectural concepts, security system tools and techniques, and information theory

The computer network professional plans for implementation of systems, maintains the software and hardware, monitors the system for potential disturbances, analyzes problems, and develops plans for potential solutions. A computer network specialist professional is a problem solver who assures the network system is operational, secure and protected at all times against cyber-attacks.

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