Undergraduate Programs

Economics is a general program, flexible enough to allow for a variety of student objectives. The Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degree is designed for those who plan to study economics at the graduate level, or to find jobs working as an economist or in closely related fields. Both programs have 20 or more units of open electives. These elective units give students the flexibility to supplement the thinking skills developed in economics with technical skills developed in such fields as finance, marketing, and public relations. A bachelor degree in economics serves as an excellent springboard to an MBA or law degree. In addtion, our Economics BS is STEM designated.




Admission to Economics

Students must apply online and be admitted per San José State's requirements as an incoming Freshman, a Transfer Student, or a Graduate Degree Candidate.

GE Breadth and Advanced GE Requirements

Many transfer credits earned at another University or Community College will count both towards SJSU's General Education Breadth requirements and for the B.A and B.S. Economics degrees. SJSU also requires that students complete Advanced GE courses in residence. These include a 100W writing class. Economics Majors should take ECON 100W when it is offered, or may take any other 100W class.