Please use the menus above to discover more about the SJSU Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association (ERFA). 

Under the membership heading you will find information on how to apply for emeritus status, how to apply for membership in ERFA, and how to apply for membership in the statewide organization that represents retired faculty, CSU-ERFSA (California State University Emeritus & Retired Faculty & Staff Association).  The SJSU ERFA constitution, newsletters, and list of members are documents that you are welcome to download to your computer and read at your leisure .

Below is information about SJSU faculty awards offered by ERFA and the calendar of events for the academic year.

SJSU_ERFA Supports SJSU Faculty with

Faculty Research and Creative Activity Awards

Inaugurated in AY 2014-2015, the ERFA Faculty Research and Creative Activity Awards of $2500 have supported two faculty members yearly in order to advance the careers of the awardees by funding their scholarly and creative activities.

Recent winners:

Melinda Simon – Department of Biomedical Engineering (2019-2020)

Gilles Muller – Department of Chemistry (2019-2020)

Wes Maciejewski – Department of Mathematics & Statistics (2019-2020)

For more information about these awards and a list of past winners you can download a brief fact sheet (pdf) or visit the Center for Faculty Development or read about the awards in the Provost’s newsletter.

You can make a tax deductable donation (unlike your dues) to support SJSU_ERFA Faculty Research and Creative Activity Awards fund.  Send a check made out to the “Tower Foundation” (in the “memo” or “notes” line write: “ERFA Faculty Award”) to:

Mary Calegari
1776 Lexington St.
Santa Clara, CA  95050


We thank you for your support of this most worthy initiative of your SJSU ERFA organization.


2021-2022 Calendar

 Note: Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and Shelter in Place Orders,  board meetings are to be held using Zoom and in person.  The Board is working on developing activities that are interesting and safe to keep members connected until we can once again gather in large numbers, such as Webinars and College Reunions on Zoom.  Watch for more information in SJSU ERFA Newsletters and on the calendar on this website. 

August 2021

8/18  Webinar about CalPERS Long Term Care Insurance Program, 1100 to 1230

Speaker was Dr. Dave Wagner, Chair of CSU ERFSA’s Healthcare Benefits Committee 

Click on the link above for the CSU ERFSA webpage where the two files are now posted (PDF of presentation slides and EXCEL spreadsheet of Q&A prepared by CalPERS after the webinar).

September 2021

9/13   Executive Board Meeting, 1000 to 1130

October 2021

10/4  Executive Board Meeting, 
1000 to 1130

10/7 Visit to San Jose History Park

An opportunity to explore the park, visit to the Chinese American Museum, the One-Room School House and the Markham House, and enjoy a picnic lunch in the company of former colleagues.

Time: 10:00 am to 1:00pm; Cost: $20 per person;
Deadline for reservations: September 27, 2021

November 2021

11/1   Executive Board Meeting, 1000 to 1130

11/5 Fall General Meeting, Friday, November 5th 

Modality Virtual Meeting; Time and Speaker:  TBD

December  2021

12/6   Executive Board Meeting,  1000 to 1130

12/3   In Person Holiday Celebration, 11:30 am

         Venue and food to be determined.  More information will come in November.

January 2022

February 2022

2/7   Executive Board Meeting, 1000 to 1130

March 2022

3/7   Executive Board Meeting, 1000 to 1130 

April 2022

4/4   Executive Board Meeting, 
 1000 to 1130

May 2022

5/2   Executive Board Meeting, 
 1000 to 1130

June 2022

July 2022

Links to programs from 2020-2021:

Oct.  Everything Old is New Again: Crime Politics and the 2020 Presidential Election      

     Speaker: Garrick Percival, Chair SJSU Political Science Department

Nov.  Analyzing the Results of the 2020 Elections

           Speakers:  Dr. Garrick Percival and Dr. Mary Currin-Percival 

Feb. Be A Smart Traveler.  By: Christopher Elliott, travel troubleshooter and columnist.