History of SJSU - ERFA

Established in 1986, subsequent to a policy recommendation from the SJSU Senate that was signed by President Fullerton, the organization got off to a great start with 173 charter members. 

As early as 1987-88, the Executive Committee financially supported campus programs; that year it donated $100 to the campus journal San José Studies.  More recently, the Association has made gifts to the Choraliers and other campus groups as well as more substantial awards to faculty for research and creative activities.

Over the years, adjustments were made to the composition of the Executive Committee of the board, the committee structure, and membership. Presently, in addition to retired faculty, administrators and FERP faculty can be members and spouses of members are eligible for associate membership.

Currently, we continue to adjust the Constitution and Bylaws to enable us to bring our members programs and activities that are both educational and interesting.  For example, a pivot to online programming was needed during the pandemic.

Over the years, EFA/ERFA has been guided by the organization's original stated purposes. Newsletters, excursions, luncheons, and other events strive to make the purposes a reality. In addition, participation in the University Academic Senate continues to make ERFA a viable factor in the affairs of San Jose State University.

For more information, please check this extended document on ERFA's history [pdf].