Emeritus Faculty Status

In addition to the University Policy (F14-2 [pdf]) which provides details on emeritus status, you will find specific information about applying for Emeritus Status on the Provost's website. 

Questions can be directed to Erin Garcia at 408-924-2404 or by email at erin.garcia@sjsu.edu 


Tower Card Update
To obtain a new tower card once you have emeritus status, send an email requesting an updated card to myid@sjsu.edu.  Include the emeritus status letter from the president, your ID#, your snail mail address (to mail new card to) and let them know if you want them to use the photo they have on file. If you want a new photo, ask what the specifications are before you send them a photo to use.

Library Card Update
When University Personnel switches your status to emeritus, the library will see that change automatically, and your Tower card will continue to work as your library card for university print materials and online databases. Here is some additional library services information:

However, for San Jose Public Library print and online material, you will need to apply for a separate SJPL card if you do not already have one.

Note: With COVID, SJPL began offering an e-library card, which provides access to just their digital material. For print plus digital, emeritus faculty would still need to come in for a physical library card.