Pushing Boundaries: 2000 to 2009

Don Beale2002

Don Beall and the Beall Family Foundation make first-ever endowed-deanship gift, endowing the Don Beall Dean of Engineering. Dr. Belle Wei is the first recipient.


College hosts the first Silicon Valley Leaders Symposium, a free speaker series where industry leaders offer insights and perspectives to the students. Speakers over the next twenty years will include Peter Norvig of Google, Craig Barrett of Intel, Carol Bartz of Autodesk, and many CEOs, CTOs and Senior Vice Presidents.

Dean Bell Wei2002-2012

Belle Wei becomes sixth Dean of CoE and first female dean. During her tenure the college doubles its research grants and its Silicon Valley corporate Master’s degree programs. Dr. Wei establishes the Global Technology Initiative in 2012, sending top SJSU engineering students to study in Asian countries to better understand the global marketplace.


MS program in Software Engineering is established.


College begins dual degree (MBA/MS Engineering) program for working professionals at Lockheed Martin, as part of an Extended Studies program that began in the early 2000s.


SJSU renames two colleges, the Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering and the Connie Lurie College of Education, in honor of generous gifts from Davidson and Lurie.

Charles W. Davidson2007

Charles W. Davidson makes largest private individual gift ($15 million) in SJSU history. CSU Board of trustees approve naming the college in his honor. “I don’t believe the money I have earned is wholly mine. Providence has allowed me to be the manager and trustee of this money, and philanthropy comes with that responsibility -- taking care of your employees, your business partners, your family, and your community.” Charles W. Davidson


Engineering students can now take Renewable Energy Engineering, one of the core courses for a new minor in Green Engineering.


City of San Jose presents the SJSU Zero EMissions (ZEM) team with a commendation for their work on the ZEM car (photo), powered by human pedaling, electric (up to 35 mph), and solar power.


Engineering Student Success Center

Engineering Student Success Center opens.