National Engineers Week Video Competition

As part of our College’s 75th Anniversary celebration, we asked our students to make a video to answer: Why is your project/major/club the best in the College of Engineering?

More than 520 members of our College community voted for their favorite top three entries -- including 65 alumni! The buzz on social media added to the fun and sense of community. Here are the winners:

  • 2nd Runner Up: Why I Chose ISE at SJSU, by Jibraan Qureshi
  • First Runner Up: How SWE Changed ME by Caitlyn Chau
  • Third Prize: Research Paper Review Portal Ad by Kapil Mulchandani
  • Second Prize: How to be: SRE by Trevin Aguilar

And . . . .

  • First Prize: Why I chose Mechanical Engineering by Jared Wang

Check out ALL the videos below!


Emad Abid

BMES Org Kickoff Video

Trevin Aguilar

How to be: SRE

Engyin Aung

Why I Chose Biomedical Engineering

Alex Angel

Rocket Club at SJSU

Sin Yee Chan

SJSU Aviation

Caitlyn Chau

How SWE Changed ME

Michael Gee

Spartan Superway Club

Rakan Kandah

My Battleship Game

Muskaan Kapoor

Wings of technology

Vignesh Kumar

Artificial Image generation from text

Kapil Mulchandani

Research Paper Review Portal Ad

Mark Nguyen

SJSU - 75th Anniversary Video Competition

Jibraan Qureshi

Why I Chose ISE at SJSU

Nestor Trejo

SJSU IISE It's All About Time Video Competition

Asumi Tsai

Draw Chi Epsilon - CoE Competition

Kenneth Tungol

Why I Decided Biomedical Engineering Was For Me

Rebeca Lopez Valerio

Becas' Cleaning Services

Jared Wang

Why I chose Mechanical Engineering

Joshua Zhang

My Major - Computer Network System Management