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With more than 40 years of experience granting Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, and Bachelor of Arts in Preparation for Teaching degrees in sustainability studies, our department has achieved a level of professionalism envied by environmental programs at other universities and colleges.

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We focus on a rigorous, systematic, and integrated approach to the study, management, and solution of environmental challenges. 

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Environmental Resource Center

The Environmental Resource Center (ERC) was established in 1967 and became the student activist wing of the Environmental Studies Department, with a prideful legacy.

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Center for the Development of Recycling

Founded in 1989, the Center for the Development of Recylcing (CDR) is Santa Clara County's recycling information clearinghouse.

ENVS 117

Human Ecology - ENVS 117

Diversity and similarity of human adaptation, cultural evolution, cultural change and environmental modification in African, Asiatic, Oceanic and Latin American cultural groups. Emphasis: traditional non-Western conservation practices and their lessons for the modern-day resource manager. This 3-unit course is offered online on MW.

ENVS 117 Spring 2022 Schedule

GLST 156

Technology of the Modern World Course - GLST 156

Analysis of development and global diffusion of technology in the 20th and 21st centuries. Interrogates historical narratives of modern technology, reflecting on broader ethical, political, human significance of modern technology. Ecological impacts of technologies. Power, problems, promise of technology. This 3-unit course is offered Asynchronous online in Spring 2022.

GLST 156 Spring 2022 Schedule

envs career trends

ENVS Undergraduate and Graduate Career Trends

Many SJSU EnvS grads go on to successful environmentally-focused careers in public administrations, teaching, and the private sector. EnvS graduates earn good money! Two years after graduation, our salaries are about $60k/year, at 5 and 10 years out, they are approximately $75k and $90k, respectively. Based on a 2021 Department survey, 60-88% of grads obtain jobs in the environmental field and 90-95% are in environmental or other skilled career paths such as tech, education, or healthcare.

Environmental Studies Professor Dustin Mulvaney quoted in the LATimes

There’s no comparison between those problems and the destruction wrought by fossil fuels, said Dustin Mulvaney, an environmental studies professor at San Jose State. Much of his research deals with the challenges posed by clean energy development, including solar panel supply chains and land-use conflicts. But the Huntington Beach oil spill, Mulvaney noted, is the type of “catastrophic accident” that you’d never see at a solar or wind farm.

KCBS Radio's interview with Professor Katherine Cushing about Exxon-Mobile's intent to go emission-free by 2050

Exxon Mobile is considering a pledge to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, but is it too little too late? KCBS Radio's Liz Saint John has more.

New initiative hopes to reduce plastic waste and consumption with Bruce Olszewski, Lecturer and Director of CDR, SJSU

The initiative would allow the state to limit plastic packaging and ensure that packaging that is allowed, is able to be recycled, composted, or reused.  For more, KCBS Radio news anchor Melissa Culross spoke with Bruce Olszewski, Lecturer and Director of the Center for the Development of Recycling at San Jose State University.