We thank you for helping support the program at this critical juncture.  Not only will your donation strengthen the Environmental Studies Department at San José State University, it will provide much-needed support to help our current students become our future environmental leaders.

We Need Your Help

In order to meet the urgent and growing demand for environmental curriculum, we need help from you, our community.  Some ideas include:

  • Environmental Studies Endowed Chair fund
  • Environmental Studies General Support fund
  • Environmental Studies Student Scholarship fund
  • Environmental Studies Faculty/Graduate Student Research fund
  • Becoming a monthly Department Sponsor
  • Frank Schiavo Environmental Scholarship

How to Donate

You can make a secure donation through the SJSU giving page by clicking the button below and following these directions:

Donate Now

Note: Do not check any buttons for "areas of giving."  Instead, in the box labeled "Other Purpose," type in "Environmental Studies."

Optionally Specify a Fund

In the "Other Purpose" box, you can follow "Environmental Studies" to select a specific fund for your donation:

  • Frank Schiavo Environmental Scholarship
  • Endowed Chair
  • Scholarship Fund
  • Research Fund

How Your Donation Will Be Used

  • To help the student who has been trying to work 40 hours per week while going to school to focus on her studies, graduate and change the world
  • To hire a new faculty member to train students for the emerging green job market in renewable energy
  • To hire student assistants and readers to strengthen the quality of environmental education at San José State University
  • As matching funds for corporate and philanthropic donations
  • To sustain the excellent reputation of Environmental Studies at SJSU