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Our Mission

To help solve local and global environmental challenges through interdisciplinary teaching and research in support of environmental sustainability and justice. To do so, we strive to embrace an anti-racist, multicultural curriculum and to develop greater diversity among our faculty, students and staff than has been represented in the field historically.


About Us

We focus on a rigorous, systematic, and integrated approach to the study, management, and solution of environmental challenges. 

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Environmental Resource Center

The Environmental Resource Center (ERC) was established in 1967 and became the student activist wing of the Environmental Studies Department, with a prideful legacy.

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Center for the Development of Recycling

Founded in 1989, the Center for the Development of Recycling (CDR) is Santa Clara County's recycling information clearinghouse.

envs career trends

ENVS Undergraduate and Graduate Career Trends

Many SJSU ENVS graduates go on to successful environmentally-focused careers in public administration, teaching, and the private sector. ENVS graduates earn good money! Two years after graduation, our salaries are about $60k/year, at 5 and 10 years out, they are approximately $75k and $90k, respectively. Based on a 2021 Department survey, 60-88% of grads obtain jobs in the environmental field and 90-95% are in environmental or other skilled career paths such as tech, education, or healthcare.

Class Schedule Spring 2023

Welcome Back, Spartan! We want to remind you that the Class Schedule and Syllabi in Spring 2023 semester are available now! 

27 million under flood alerts across California (NBC Nightly News)

Our Dr. Cushing was interviewed by NBC Nightly News about the recent storms and flooding period across the state of California. This news showed how urgent and significant the storming and flooding situation was. The state of California had to start the evacuations in many different cities, especially cities of Santa Cruz county. 

Summer Research Fellows 2023

The Climate and Community Project is recruiting Summer Research Fellows for 2023 of 6-8 graduate students to work with leading researchers on a range of climate justice topics and be part of a supportive community of like-minded fellows. Fellows are expected to work 20 hours a week over the course of the fellowship, with a flexible work schedule. The deadline to apply for this fellowship program is 02/01/2023. 

New ORISE internships and fellowships with EPA

ORISE (Research Participation Programs at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) and ORI (Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education) are opening various internships and fellowships opportunites. Applications are accepted till March 2023 from current students, recent graduates, and U.S. College/University faculty year round. Apply now! 

2022-2023 Campus Reading Program Book Selection

"All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis" is SJSU's Campus Reading book for the fall 2022 incoming class of first-year students. All We Can Save is a collection of essays, poetry, and art that serves as “both a balm and a guide for knowing and holding what has been done to the world, while summoning truth, courage, and solutions, to turn away from the brink and toward life-giving possibility.”

Article: The Terrifying Choices created by Wildfires

"Many Californians are confronting a series of confounding decisions—among them, whether they should fight or flee." This is an article that reflected the wildfire situation in the state of California in 2020 and how much it affected Californians. 

Great news! SJSU Environmental Studies is officially nominated by Best Accredited Colleges in 2022

Best Accredited Colleges have nominated SJSU Environmental Studies as #7 in Best Bachelor's Degrees in Environmental Science. SJSU Global Studies is also #28 on the Best International Studies Bachelor's Degrees. 

The Grass is Greener on This Side of the Fence

A recent research article by ENVS MS Grad Alex Dahl and ENVS Department Chair, Dr. Cushing, has been recently published!This publication talks about the "garden-based pedagogy as a strategy for increasing student environmental literacy" (Dahl, 2022)

Paid MS Assistantships in Prescribed Fire Ecology

The prescribed fire ecology team at San José State University is offering two internship opportunities for MS Ecology students. The deadline to apply for a position in the fall 2023 semester is March 1st, 2023.

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