GAPE Forms

Below are forms related to processes pertaining to current graduate students. Except where noted (e.g., IRB and Thesis forms), these forms should be delivered to Graduate Admissions & Program Evaluations in the Student Services Center, Window “G”. All documents are in PDF format, and require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. For writable forms, you must first save the document to your computer before entering your information. Entries on writable forms will be lost if it is not saved in advance. 


The GAPE Office (Window G) is currently closed but we remain open to assist online. Please send forms through email to your graduate advisor or to your GAPE Evaluator. Forms can also be submitted directly to 

*GAPE will accept all types of electronic signatures.



Current Students

Change of Classification in Master's Program
This form informs the GAPE Office that a student has met all conditions required of graduate departments whereby students are then changed from a ‘conditional’ graduate student status to a ‘classified’ graduate student status.

Application for a Change of Graduate Program or Major 
This form is designated for current and enrolled students and is used to request a change of graduate program or major. 

Request for Validation of Transfer Credit
This form is to be used only in circumstances where course transfer credits needs to be validated before filing for advancement to candidacy. 

Petition for Advancement to Graduate Candidacy 
Advancement to candidacy is a crucial step to take in your graduate career. An approval of advancement to candidacy denotes that the student is on track to graduate.  Note that if pull-down menus lack an option that you need, simply type in the entry desired. As of the Fall 2010 semester, this form requires the signature of the departmental or school graduate advisor, not simply the master's committee chair. 

Request for Core Course Substitution In Master's Degree Program                                 
This substitution request is required for core courses designated for your program and listed on an approved candidacy form, but that have not been taken or graded for completion of the program.

Request for Elective Course Substitution In Master's Degree Program                             
This substitution request is required for elective courses  designated for your program and listed on an approved candidacy form, but that have not been taken or graded for completion of the program.

Request for Re-validation of Course that Has Exceeded the Seven-Year Time Limit
This form indicates how expired courses will be re-validated for renewal.  

Guide for Interdisciplinary Studies  
For Interdisciplinary Studies applicants only. For additional information about the Interdisciplinary Studies Program, please visit the College of Graduate Studies website. 



Eligible students can apply for graduation through self-service within their MySJSU account. Approximately two weeks after students have been approved for advancement to candidacy by the GAPE office, they will be sent a MySJSU message prompting them to apply for graduation. This message will include instructions that are similar to the instructions in this guide.

You can also review our video tutorial here.


Graduation Date Change Request 

Only use this if you had previously applied for a graduation term and are changing your graduation to a later term. Send the completed form to At this time, the $10 is not required. 


NEW!!  Online Duplicate Diploma Request

You can make a Duplicate Diploma Request (i.e. Ed.D., Master's, or Advanced Certificate) and pay the $10 fee online OR use the following form if you need to pay the fee in-person at the Bursar’s Office (Duplicate Diploma Request– pdf version) to receive copies of your diploma.


Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines

General information and the Master's Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation Guidelines can be found on the College of Graduate Studies website. The guidelines cover all instructions for composing, formatting, and submitting your thesis or dissertation.

Submit this packet of forms to the College of Graduate Studies with your thesis, or this package of forms to the College of Graduate Studies with your dissertation.


Human Subjects Research (IRB) Forms

For forms and templates related to human subjects research, please visit the Office of Research website. IRB forms should be submitted to the Office of Research in the Administration Building, Second Floor. 


Special Petitions 

Graduate Retroactive Course Add 
As of the Fall 2010 semester, this form has been terminated and replaced with the Post-Census Date Petition for Late Enrollment, available after the Census Date each semester on the Registrar's website. Prior to the Census Date, late course adds are requested through the Pre-Census Date Petition for Late Enrollment, also available on the Registrar's site. 

Graduate Petition for Excess Units
This petition is intended for use by graduate students who wish to take course units beyond the maximum 16 semester unit maximum.

NEW!! Graduate Petition for Course Drop/Semester Withdrawal This petition is to request a late or retroactive withdrawal from a single course or entire semester.

Instructions for using this OnBase petition:

1) Please do not use Safari when filling in this form.

2) Before filling in this form, please determine if:
a. You are an international student
b. You are currently on financial aid
c. You are a student in a Special Session program
*If you fall under any of the above categories, please check the appropriate box to ensure
proper signature routing.

3) Please place your personal statement in the box as indicated and attach any
extra documentation and the Healthcare Provider Verification of Medical Condition Form as

4) Please do not forget to fill in your signature using your mouse or touchpad.

Healthcare Provider Verification of Medical Condition Form
This form serves as documentation of medical/health issues in support of a student petition. 

Graduate Petition for Extension of Time Limit for Removal of Incomplete Grade
This petition allows a request to extend the time beyond the allocated 1-year to complete a course already graded with an incomplete.  

Graduate Petition for Extension of Time Limit for Removal of Report-in-Progress Grade
This petition allows for a two-year extension of RP grade. 

Graduate Reinstatement Petition
To be used following university disqualification. Please note that if you are claiming Extenuating Circumstances for reinstatement, that you may petition to disregard all previous graduate courses using this petition.

Verification of Culminating Experience
Memo used by departments to approve completion of degree. Only graduate advisors have a copy of this form, which they submit on the student's behalf. 

GWAR Waiver Petition
This petition is a request to waive the GWAR requirement for students who have met this requirement through other means. Please use form A if you were admitted prior to Fall 2020 or form B if you were admitted during or after Fall 2020.


Advanced Certificates 

Advanced Certificate Audit
To be submitted by certificate program directors on behalf of a student when certificate program is completed.