Undergraduate Late Drop and Semester Withdrawal

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Students are advised to speak with an academic advisor before submitting any petition.


Students may request to drop a course (or courses) after the current term's drop deadline using the approved university petition form below. 

Time Period Petition Requirement
Start of the semester Drop via MySJSU, petition not required
Semester Drop Deadline Petition required for all drops
Last Day to Withdraw from the Semester Last day to submit a drop petition for current semester.
End of the Semester Only retroactive drops with advisor recommendation are accepted

Types of Withdrawals

There are two types of approved late withdrawals, WA and WB. Both show on the official transcript as a “W”.  The symbol “W” on the official transcript indicates that the student was approved to withdraw from the course after the drop deadline. It carries no connotation of quality of student performance and is not used in calculating grade point average or progress points.

Note: Open University and Special Session students are subject to the same criteria and limits as regularly enrolled (matriculated) students. Open University Student need to use the Undergraduate Drop forms.

Summer 2022 Late Drop/Withdrawal

Students should submit a separate petition for each course/semester withdrawal request. If you are enrolled in only one course, submit the semester withdrawal petition and not the single course drop petition.

Retroactive Drop/Withdrawal



Visit the Registrar's site for more deadlines.

Summer 2022:

Date     Time Period
Jun 6
July 8
    Petition required to drop any course from Summer Session One
Petition required to drop any course from Summer Session Two

July 1
Aug 5



Last day to drop any course(s) from Session One (Jun 1 - Jul 1)
Last day to drop any course(s) from Session One (Jun 1 - Aug 5) &
Session Two (Jul 5 - Aug 5)

Aug 17  


Retroactive drops for Summer Session One & Two will be accepted

Fall 2022:

Date   Time Period   Petition Requirement  
Aug 30   Last day to drop via MySJSU   No petition required  
Sep 1   Petition required to drop any course(s) from Fall 2022 semester   Late Course Drop
Semester Withdrawal
Sep 8   Last day to submit Instructor Drops   Procedure  
Nov 11     Last day to drop any course(s) from the Fall 2022 semester - petition(s) need to be submitted before 5pm.   Late Course Drop
Semester Withdrawal
Dec 16   Retroactive drops for Fall 2022 semester will be accepted   Retroactive Late Course Drop
Retroactive Semester Withdrawal

Winter 2023:

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