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Lower Division CORE GE Equivalent Course

Regardless of major the General Education curriculum is required for all undergraduate degrees. Some majors General Education is fulfilled upon completion of some degrees (see major exceptions in Catalog).

Intensive Science Plan Sequence

Students, who have completed in-depth coursework in science that is not certified for GE, may request an alternative package to satisfy Core Physical Science (B1), Life Science (B2), and/or Laboratory Science (B3) that have not already been met by approved GE Courses. Must be an Undergraduate student who are matriculated (admitted and enrolled) at SJSU for one semester.

Students who have completed the Intensive Science courses with a "C-" or better, will be allowed to use these courses to fulfill the requirement in B1/B3 or B2/B3.

  • PHYS 50, PHYS 51, or PHYS 52, and CHEM 1A; or
  • PHYS 2A, PHYS 2B and CHEM 1A; or
  • CHEM 1A, CHEM 1B and a physics course; or
  • three courses from BIOL 30, BIOL 33, BIOL 65, BIOL 65O, BIOL 66, MICRO 20; or
  • Two physical courses and CHEM 1A

Intensive Music Plan Sequence

 Students, who have completed in-depth coursework in music that is not certified for GE, may request an alternative package to satisfy CORE Area C. 

Upper-Division GE (SJSU Studies) Equivalent Course

For learning outcomes, see the University's Institutional Learning page's General Education section. 

Written Communication II (100W)

The California State University (CSU) junior-level writing requirement is known as the “Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement” (GWAR). At SJSU, the GWAR is satisfied by (1) passing the Writing Skills Test (WST) or passing with a “C or better” the designated 100A course or by completing the WST Directed Self Placement exercise; and (2) passing with a “C or better” (C- not accepted) the designated 100W course.

American Institutions (US1, US2, US3) Equivalent Course

Completion or plan to complete coursework that satisfies one or more of the State of California American Institutions (AI) requirements that are not currently articulated.

Physical Education Requirement

Online physical education (PE) options are now available at SJSU and many community colleges. PE requests based on the need to avoid in-person classes will be denied.

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